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Hadley's Hope Campaign - AvP2 Custom Map Campaign (Complete Playthrough)

Aliens vs Predator 2 singleplayer custom map campaign titled "Hadley's Hope Campaign" or "HHC".

Map author: Corporal Hicks

Download link: https://www.fileplanet.com/archive/p-50360/HHC-Beta

Campaign review:

This is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to maps. "Hadley's Hope Campaign" mod aka "HHC" comes with 11 maps. It should be noted that this mod is released as a beta. However, all the maps are so unfinished and buggy that they are alpha at best. The first few mission maps are somewhat there, but the remainder of the maps are completely broken. Ok, every map is broken to some degree.

Each map has missing textures, doors that won't open, areas to fall off the map, ai that gets stuck, ai that doesn't move, ai that is missing, lack of lighting, lack of sound, etc. I decided to show all the maps in this mod in one quick compilation because of how short many of them are. I also had to enable all ammo and invincibility cheats just to see areas of some maps that were inaccessible without them. Furthermore, the crosshair was removed in this mod. I don't know why as there is no readme file included with the download.

If all the time spent on these collection of maps was focused on one individual map, there might be a good map here. While the maps aren't good, this mod does have some good marine skins. Some of them only appear in singleplayer. There might be some other changes in gameplay in regards to characters, but I didn't notice them except for the lack of guns on the maps, even after enabling cheat codes.

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