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***BREAKING*** Mike Lindell Drops BOMB! 01/08/20 *TRUMP WILL BE PRESIDENT!*

" Please everyone keep the faith, but also be vigilant. Don’t have blind faith and put all your hope into things working out. If things go down as planned then great, but if things don’t work out your whole world is going to be shattered. It’s best to keep up to date, pay attention, be supportive, spread any news as honestly as possible, but also we should not be naive and refuse to have any doubt. Those who do that will be a mess if this shit doesn’t go down like we’re being told. There’s nothing wrong with having a little skepticism, especially in these crazy times. These creators saying we should have blind faith or we’re not patriotic are full of shit. I served my country for years and having blind faith gets you killed. Patriotism is loving the foundation of your country and the values your country upholds, it’s not believing every word some stranger online says about the president. Do I hope POTUS fights... hell yeah! But he needs to have the backing of the military or it will fail and likely hurt him. The MSM, the Dems, RINOs, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, they all fear the military and will roll over like dogs if President Trump has their support. Stay strong patriots and pray POTUS has the support he needs. " - Comment on video

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