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Black Mirror Episode "Men Against Fire" Is The Wet Dream Of The American Military

The Black Mirror episode "Men Against Fire" is the wet dream of the American military.

Even with the constant brainwashing by Hollywood's glorification of war and violence, there's still that pesky thing called "humanity" that the military can't wipe off completely from its war slaves (soldiers in doublespeak). The perfect war slave is a heartless, soulless, merciless machine that kills on command with no moral qualms or remorse. And just like its competitor, the Nazi military, the American military is adamant about designing the perfect soldiers.

Also, the Empire is already having a tough time recruiting its brainless troopers and the only tactic it has is to continue deliberately impoverishing a large portion of the population so they'll be tempted with free education and the other social services that the military promises to its slaves. Therefore, America's favorite business of bombing and burglarizing other countries requires an upgrade.

The natural evolution of the American soldier is a transhuman. It's an animal that thinks it's a human and might look like a human but yet it isn't. It lacks emotions, feelings, and critical thoughts. A transhuman is basically a biological machine that can be programmed by the state to act and think exactly as the state wants.

The American military has always conditioned its war slaves to dehumanize the enemy through the use of racial slurs. They use the term "towelhead" against Arabs and the term "gook" against Asians.

Using these racial slurs makes it easier on the mind of the American war slave to kill the enemy. That way, one soldier would say to the other "I killed 10 gooks today, how many did you kill?" instead of saying "I killed 10 people today, how many did you kill?"

But all that mind-control through the misuse of language will never yield the same outcome as a transhuman whose worldview can be molded precisely like the state desires.

Watch the Black Mirror episode Men Against Fire to understand this because if a picture is worth a thousand words, a film is worth a million.

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