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LOOKING FOR PLEASURE vs SERVING OUR PURPOSE: What is the human body for? (2020)


HUMAN X | S6 - E1


with Gyan

People don’t know how the body really works, what the human body is really for. To understand, it begins with the fundamental questions: Who am I? Where am I? What is this world? What does it mean to be a human being?

BEING HUMAN means you have a HUMAN BODY! But what’s our relationship to the human body? How do we connect with this most fundamental part of ourselves?

Then when we observe society, what do we see?

We see madness! The USE and ABUSE of the human body for mere PLEASURE and ENJOYMENT like it’s a TOY. This QUEST for pleasure in its myriad forms reveals a telling phenomenon - that we are really just trying to AVOID pain at any cost. This profound avoidance of PAIN ITSELF is the true motor behind our every action!

WHAT IS PUSHING US TO OBSESS LIKE THIS? Ceaselessly looking for pleasure, for sensations... How have we become so desperate in our pursuits - so VAPID in value?

Is pleasure truly the greatest height of life? There must be something MORE! What is the PURPOSE of a human being and what is the GOAL of our human lives?

Why do we need something outside ourselves to feel alive when we’re already clearing LIVING?


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