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The Golden One (My Last Teacher In This Life)

I knew he's one of the avatar of my Father Lord Buddhas 卐

He was the Legendary Super Aryan Broly .

My first teacher was a japanese, He was raised me to grow up, He was who taught me how to fight, He was always alone, Same with me .

He's father and grandfather are the proud World War 2 Japanese Army who slaughtered the reptile chinese and russian(slavic),

He taught me about the Katana,

And said to me: It bring you honor, And it will end the glory with you, So

treat it as your family, When you using it, You are become one with it .

The last word He said to me: (I'm not the best teacher, But there is some teachers is waiting on you outside world, Is the time you go and learn the wisdom from them .

This is the last time we meet, You will not gonna see me again when you are come back, Go and see the outside world, And made it pride, Walk your own way, But never forget what i have taught to you)

My second teacher was Yangthang Rinpoche .

My first abhiseca of Padmasambhava«The Vajra Guru »is from him:

The secret of Kalachakra Tantra/ Shambhala, Are also his told to me, Through the ancient story etc etc .

In 1959, The dragon/reptilian slavic/russian and chinese communist invade Tibet, The reptiles chinese red armies are mainly in that invade, Reptiles russian help them to invade Tibet .

Countless lamas has been slaughtered by them, And they burn the temple,

In that time, My second teacher Yangthang Rinpoche has been caught by them, And spent 22 years in jail .

And i swear ! In futurre, When the time has come, I will slaughter every dragon/reptilian russian and chinese as well, I will genocide them all !!! And using their blood to draw a large Swastika 卐 on their vast land .

(Even life after life)

And my third teacher is my last teacher in this life, And he is, Marcus Follin«The Golden One»,

I know this guy was one of my Father Lord Buddhas incarnation in this world this perfect Nordic Aryan, To have an family to teaching the way to enlightened the Nordic Aryans .

(Please note, The incarnation all of the father Lord Buddhas, Will not always come here to showing the appearance/Identity of monk to teaching,

Especially in this dark age, They mostly showing up with person that have family, And teach them how to protect their family)

That's my long story short, For more about my details, Check it out here https://www.minds.com/heil__hitler/about , On the page about .

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