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Maze1 - AvP2 Custom Map (Complete Playthrough)

Aliens vs Predator 2 singleplayer custom map titled "Maze1".

Map author: HHO.

Map review:

"Maze1" is the first of a few maze maps included with HHO's Frosty Aliens Predators - Special Edition (aka FAP_SE). In this map player spawns as a marine and is placed into a maze with the entrance closed off (perhaps by a predator?). The goal, like most mazes, is to reach the exit. The maze is really a hedge maze with various arrow signs posted around the hedges. These arrows actually point the correct path the player should take, so it is not hard to get lost. The real challenge here are the enemies. There are a few corporates and facehuggers which are easy pickings. There is one drone alien that can instantly kill the player if spawned. The predators can sometimes get the jump on the player at times too.

However, there are two infinitely regenerating npcs that can't be killed. One is a beat up-looking marine and the other is a synthetic with a rocket launcher. These two are nightmares to beat. Once they are "killed" they will fall to the floor and slowly get back up to chase the player as if nothing happened. The marine will normally chase the player through most of the hedge maze once he is free from his cell. For whatever reason, he lightly followed me and wasn't much of a problem in my playthrough. The synthetic was another story though, as he was ruthless. To finish the map, the player must use the blowtorch on a keypad and exit the big cell doors that he entered. This part is a little bit confusing but that's the ending.

It should be noted that there is a second version of this map called "Maze1Keep". It is basically the same exact map with minor props, like crates and boxes moved around and a few different facehugger spawns. Since it is really the same map I will not record it as it's 99% identical.

Maze1 is a bit of challenge and is worth a look at it if the player is looking for more difficult ai to face. There is enjoyment to be had here.

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