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@Taz Bitter

This is Brett Keane he is a publicly known wife beater plagiarizer Thief child abuser and liar.


http://Gab.com/TazBitter "My name is Taz Bitter and I am an actual attorney. I made this episode of my podcast to warn people about a known domestic abuse record holder and internet con artist Brett Keane. 

This is not doc dropping, Brett Keane is a public figure who became known specifically due to his long line of domestic abuse arrests and for putting his wife on YouTube after he beat her and making her take the blame of him beating her. 

He has come to bitchute and bitube tv looking for suckers to rip off, he says the comments are broken, he says the comments are broken because he can't censor people from leaving links to his criminal record so he disables comments and lies and says people are giving out his home address and that's why he's turned off comments.

Brett Keane wants to befriend you so you can tell him deeply personal information about you, that he can weaponize and used to extort you for money and services by threatening to tell everyone your business. Stay away from him, unsubscribe from him, always low rate his shit, and do not give him one fucking penny because he's going to spend it on cigarettes and alcohol because those are the only two things he can't buy with food stamps."

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