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ARE PSYCHEDELICS BAD? The importance of respecting the sacredness of plant medicine!

#psychedelic #medicine

HUMAN X | S5 - E4


with Gyan

Are psychedelics bad? How to use plant medicine properly?

Nowadays, truly understanding plant medicines is a rare thing - most people SIMPLY DON’T KNOW HOW! But when you disrespect the sacredness of these psychedelic plants through your ignorance - there is a PRICE to pay.

People use drugs like toys - thinking they can do what they like to have a good time or a DEEP EXPERIENCE. But engaging with plant medicine is an EXCHANGE. If you don’t GIVE something to the plant you become its SLAVE- you become inextricably BOUND to the plant.

Indeed the medicine plant affects your brain: it creates a pathway that gives you access to a place you cannot reach on your own, at times helping you access altered states of consciousness. But because you’re not properly guided on a specific healing path under a specific INTENT - the good intentions of using the plants to catalyze HEALING, yields the opposite result: rendering them as merely a drug to get HIGH.


You think you can do what you like, but Nature doesn’t operate like this. Potent plants are there to give us something and nourish us at a profound level. They are SACRED plants, and exist to help us to accomplish our REAL JOB. If this sounds confusing - like you cannot conceive what is your REAL PURPOSE - then it is CERTAIN YOU ARE NOT LIVING IT.

Only when you are fulfilling your most ALIGNED HUMAN PURPOSE can you truly GIVE SOMETHING BACK to the plant. Without this you are simply taking from the plant for your own enjoyment - stealing what you will as if you’re the master of the universe.

It’s wise to consider the cost this approach to medicines will have. Every action has its price!


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Video Stock footage from Videvo → https://videvo.net

Thumbnail Artwork by Zdzisław Beksiński

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