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Let's take a look at what's really going on in Corona (hoax) "war zones" (aka; hospitals converted into amateur theaters) and talk about raising our awareness to how the elite operate by always leaving huge cookie crumbs of "truth in plain sight" for those with eyes to see. If you know someone who believes in the corona "virus" please pass along videos like this to them. We need to wake up more people to this fraud being perpetrated on humanity.  

#coronahoax #bittube #bitcoin #covid19 #trump

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By Adrian1290SDR

Civilians wearing masks are simply stupid. 👊😶

By Varnean

Make it shorter next time, please. 36 minutes is too long, I can't watch all that

By DanNobid

Great! keep exposing this scammers. The Truth is out there waiting to be discovered.

By the pink panther

great job! looks like your greatest health concern is sunburn.lol. Keep exposing these fuckers.

By cryptoramble

You are funny.

By nachodon

@JonnyLocksworth you're not up to date. all videos are moving to bittube.video - the peertube instance. here's a link to my channels there for instance: https://bittube.video/my-account/video-channels this is true decentralization and you can even host your own content with your own server there and then plug into the federation which also links to mastodon. It's pretty awesome really - but will take time to catch on.. I did a video on bittube and peertube here: https://bittube.video/videos/watch/d03ccffa-d26b-4778-8670-efc818b614d4 Stay safe and vigilant and thanks for your comments -- i agree with most of what you said.

By JonnyLocksworth

I think most people are going along with things because they dont see any other option. There is but only one option if this continues, civil war, and that is the last thing anybody would like to see, however, if it comes down to it I know many who are ready to arm up and go to war. The news is brainwashing people here, really thats nothing new, but the amount of stories they put in peoples face trying to pull on their heartstrings is just downright shameful. smh

By JonnyLocksworth

Btw, I live in the US and it is crazy here. So much propaganda it is unreal. Truthful, smart and honest people are coming out about everything, but as soon as it does, they label it "disinformation", take their videos down and we never hear about them again. People who are protesting are getting arrested and we dont see them either. They've released I dont know how many thousands of people from prisons within the past couple of months, everything from murderers to rapest

By JonnyLocksworth

Actually bittube can be taken down. I've noticed within the past week they have limited bandwidth to bittube, which is exactly what they were doing a while back with websites that couldn't afford to give their ISP more money. Now they are doing it to websites that they dont agree with and are getting away with it. Sure, the website owners can file a lawsuit, but who knows how long that will take. For websites that they cant take down check out unstoppabledomains.com

By Nosat

Now they are carrying around a mock COVID corpse