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Endtime preparations!

Preparing for what lies ahead of us when the antichrist system really kicks in....It's a slow train coming...but it's coming...Have faith in Christ and what He taught and start to practise them now and you will see that your faith grow and produce the fruits of the spirit in abundance.

"Act Now! End Time Preparations" explores 5 practical tips relating to how to prepare for the end times. These include confronting the love of money and materialism by choosing to live simply. Learning to live on less also prepares us for the time when we need to leave the system when the Mark of the Beast 666 is enforced. Some other urgent preparations include exploring how to live the truth by sharing the truth with others. Reaching out and inspiring others to experiment with alternative lifestyle choices, like communal living, are part of the overall picture of preparation. If we are serious about enduring suffering for Jesus Christ in the years ahead, we need to get out of our comfort zones now and look for ways to serve others. Watch this gripping video to see what other things you can learn to help you get prepared... and fast!

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