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TOP TEN Doom Custom Snapmaps - MYSTORY Nr31


TOP TEN Doom Custom Snapmaps - MYSTORY Nr31

Best Doom And Eternal Custom Maps Today


Hi World!

Doom Eternal and Doom 2016 maps are epic.

Best custom Snapmaps and stories.

This is a new post style and a new video.


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0:00 - INTRO


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

In this post and on my new video I am showing you my favourite maps in Doom 2016 Snapmap mode.

This new post also features an all new text post style and coms with a new tags section and a hopefully better design to give readers the overview everyone wants.




I actually called this the top ten maps but the video features some more than that amount because there are too many cool maps now.

I decided to make this little video and blog post to keep promoting the Snapmap mode of doom because in this year it is getting revived or basically experiencing it’s second dawn.


10:00 - VIDEO


The epic people making these custom maps are getting more creative or they get better in mastering the Snapmap editor.

I don’t know what the reason is but the new creations are really staggeringly good.

It seems like the tricks on how to break the limits of Snapmap get shared in a greater group of creators.


15:00 - POST


I did show remade Doom Eternal maps but in Doom 2016 and with features like the dash and also other epic stuff like monkey bars before but this is a new list.

Some of the maps that I wanted to show also feature tricks that I want to see even more often in Snapmap.


20:00 - CONTENT


In this video a was able to show maps that actually rebuild larger areas like from Doom Eternal and the Ancient Gods Part One that where not even used in Doom 2016 in this way.

Especially the Mirrors Edge map in the end of the video will probably get a full video focusing only on it because it deserves it.


25:00 - OUTRO


As I mentioned in my first video I try to document the process of building this channel video stuff.

You know what I mean, maybe.

Part of the documenting is that I also need to ask for some support by following me and giving me feedback.

So I am asking to help me developing my creations by doing the following.

I hope you can still live after watching this and give me the following:



Many multiple comments!

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Likes on my other videos and watchtime!

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I hope you can forgive me for the exclamation marks in my list.

If you do at least one of these things or engage with my content, which is what you are doing if you are reading these morbid lines, than I am happy.

Subscribe now please and give me free real estate and cookies.

Yours Sincerely,



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Hello World, Hello Viewers!

0:00 Is the start of the video.




3. Many multiple comments

4. Subscriptions with notifications

5. Likes on my other videos and watchtime.

6. Sharing my playlist links and rewatch my stuff in the future.

7. Putting my videos in playlists.

8. Adding me to your recommended section and bookmark my pages.

I hope you can still live after watching this.

I also hope you can forgive me for the excessive use of exclamation mar